The Hair Emporium | About
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Our Philosophy

Our team of highly skilled professionals are dedicated to providing every client with a tailored salon experience. Each visit to the Hair Emporium begins with a complementary consultation with your stylist.

Whether you are a first time or returning customer, we will create a look that reflects your ever-changing requirements.

We believe the cut to be synonymous with the style: working elegant shapes into the hair allows for styles that can be recreated effortlessly day after day.

Our hair experts understand the importance of fashioning a unique look that compliments your busy lifestyle.

Our Story

The Hair Emporium is a family-owned brand led by two generations of passionate hair stylists.

Anne McPherson and daughter, Sallyanne, realised their ambition of opening a hair salon together in the summer of 1996.

The duo decided it was the ideal time having both previously owned successful salons. Anne relocated her creative team to Sallyanne’s Studio5 and the Hair Emporium was born.

For nearly two decades The Hair Emporium has focused on delivering the highest quality of hair design and client service. To ensure unfaltering standards, Anne and Sallyanne have personally trained all members of our creative teams.